Graduate School of Economics

Graduation Theses(Doctoral Theses・Master's Theses)

The Rissho University Graduate School of Economics offers Master's and Doctoral degrees in Economics.
Titles of doctoral theses and master's theses including a link to the digitized theses are shown below.

※Graduation theses are originally written in Japanese except ones with the English sign.

A list of professors of the Graduate School and their areas of supervision is here.

Doctoral Thesis Titles

2021 Academic Year
  • Private Pension System Framework and How Tax Measures Should Be
  • Analysis of Sustainable Economic Development in China, Focusing on Exports and FDI
2007 Academic Year
  • A Study of Basic Conditions for the Sustainable Development of Northwest China — Water Crisis in the Yellow River Basin, Greening and Transport Networks, and Labor Markets and Environmental Welfare—
  • The Beginnings of Protectionist Policy in Chinese Agriculture and the Role of Agricultural Industrialization — the Response of Chinese Agriculture to the Development of a Commodity Economy and Agriculture in Jilin Province
  • The Birth and Development of Corporate Forests in the US and Issues Regarding Resources and Environmental Sustainability — the Role and Conflicting Relationships of Corporate Forests, Administrative Authorities, and Community Action in Environmental Policy Formation
2005 Academic Year
  • Reconsidering the Taxation of Assets in an Aging Society, with a Focus on Inheritance and Related Tax Systems
  • Livestock and Dairy Farming in Inner Mongolia and Rebuilding a Cyclical Nomadic Economic Society
  • The Ecology of the Inner Mongolian Steppe and Production Patterns in Livestock Farming

Master’s Thesis Titles

  • Postpartum Women's Health Status and Work Continuation
  • A Study on China's On-board Battery Industry: Verification by the "Diamond" Model
  • Study on Performance Improvement of China's State-owned Economy: Focusing on Investment Efficiency of State-owned Enterprises
  • The Effect of Outward Foreign Direct Investment on Domestic Technological Innovation in China
  • An Empirical Study on the Overseas Expansion of Chinese IT Companies' Game Business: Focusing on the Factors of Tencent and miHoYo's Overseas Expansion
  • Transformation of Suburban Rural Areas and Forms of Agricultural Existence Along with Urban Expansion: A Case Study of Beijing, China
  • Reasons for the Failure of Chinese Companies' Outward Foreign Direct Investment
  • The Effect of Income on Side Jobs
  • Study on Revitalization Strategies for Agriculture and Rural Areas through Integration with Tourism: A Case Study of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China
  • Reasons and Effect of Wage Disparity among Dispatched Workers in Japan
  • Study on the Effect of Urbanization on Rural Residents in China
  • The Meaning and Issues of Agricultural Subsidy Policies in China: A Case Study of Heilongjiang Province
2021 Academic Year
  • Study on the Formation of Senior Care Industry in China
  • Empirical Research on the Development of E-Commerce Industry in China, Focusing on "Social E-Commerce" Industry
  • Evaluation of China's Blockchain Industrial Policy (Central and local Policies), Policy Enforcement, and Effectiveness
  • A Study on Actual Situation of Agricultural Feminization and Domestic Labor Burden in China, Focusing on Case of Tangro Village, Jiangsu Province
  • Impact of Introduction of New Rural Medical Insurance on Rural Chinese Residents, Excessive Medical Care and Labor Supply
  • Labor-Management Relations from Viewpoint of Game Theory-Focusing on a Comparison of Labor Markets of China and Japan
  • China's Supply Chain Finance
  • Analysis of Potential Economic Contribution of Regional Tourism Development in China
  • Analysis of Hiring Foreign Workers
  • Competitiveness of Chinese Drone Industry-Empirical Research based on a "Pseudo-Diamond" Model
  • Impact of Technological Progress on Wage Inequality in IT Industry
  • Current Status of Overwork and Remedial Measures in China's Internet Industry
  • Analysis of Elderly Employment and Minimum Wage Policy Effects
2020 Academic Year
  • Research on Intra-industry Trade in the China-Japan and China-Korea Textile Industry
  • Changes in Agricultural Sructure and Progress in Agricultural Modernization in China's Food Production Areas
  • Empirical Research on the Peculiarities of the Internationalization of Chinese Private Capital with Focus on BYD's Direct Investment in the United States
  • Research on Competition between Payment Platforms
  • Empirical Research on the Failure of China's P2P Lending Industry
  • Research on China's Subway Development: A Case Study of Changsha City
  • Career Development of Women in Urban Areas of China after the Complete Lifting of Childbirth Restrictions
  • Development Process of Cold Chain in the Logistics of Fresh Vegetable in China
2019 Academic Year
  • Promotion of the Recycling Policy and Related Industries in China: The Case of Shandong Recycling Industry
  • New Developments in Chinese Agriculture and Rural Areas since 2000: The Case of Green Tourism and Farmer Cooperatives in Nan Yue District, Hunan Province
  • Japan-China Comparative Analysis of the Consumer Financial Services Market
  • Study of the Economic Impact of Labor Migration in China
  • Development of the Piano Industry in Modern and Contemporary China: A Comparison with Japan
  • A Study of the Development Trends of World Heritage Sites' Impact on Inbound Tourism
  • Current Status and Issues of Temporary Labor in China
  • Japan-China Comparison of International Competitiveness of Trade in Tourism Services
  • Problems and Research of State-owned Enterprise Mixed Ownership Reform under China's New Normal Economy
  • Foreign Direct Investment in Chinese Private Compound Companies
2018 Academic Year
  • Analysis of the current status of the changing commodities trading market "Yiwu": What are the competitive advantages of the Yiwu model?
  • Research on the possibility of a sustainable pension system in China
  • Study of a survey on tourism competitiveness in Liaoning Province, China
  • Application of PPP model in China's elderly related industry
  • Study of extracurricular supplementary education in Shanghai
  • Study of supplier systems of Japanese automobile manufacturers in China
  • Problem of imbalanced trade between the United States and China from the viewpoint of international division of labor, mainly in the mobile phone market
  • Consideration of competition types in the smartphone game application market in China
  • Consideration on progress of cashless society in China
  • The effect of Japan-China trade on the Japanese and Chinese economies: Empirical analysis based on "2012 Japan-China International Input-Output Table"
  • Research on the methods of human resource management of Chinese real estate agents in Japan, mainly on the survey of Tokyo's 23 wards
  • Empirical research on the determinants of the location regarding Foreign Direct Investment to China
  • Analysis of the causative factors of real estate price increase in China
  • Transitions and prospects of financial and economic education in Japanese schools
  • Analysis of the recent trend of vacant houses in Japan and its factors
  • Historical study on the capital theory in contrast to bookkeeping and accounting concepts
2016 Academic Year
  • Vegetable Seed Market Expansion in China and the Escalation of Competition between Companies
  • The Direction of Pension System Reform in China — Addressing Multiple Inequities
  • The Chinese Petroleum Asphalt Futures Market — the Structure and Current State of Petroleum Asphalt Future Trading, and Issues Facing It
  • The Effects of the Expansion of Fast Fashion Brands into China on Chinese Apparel Production, with a Focus on Zara, H&H, and Gap
  • The Current Status of Online Sales by Chinese Travel Companies and Related Problems, with a Focus on Tuniu, Ctrip, and Qunar
2015 Academic Year
  • The Transformation of Chinese Seafood Processing Companies under Free Trade, with a Focus on Changes Made by Companies in Response to the Free Trade Agreement between China and South Korea
  • Problems and Potential in the Chinese Stock Markets, with a Focus on New Rules for Nontradable Shares and the after Effects of These
  • The Economic Characteristics of B to C E—Commerce in China, Based on Analysis in Comparison with Japan
  • The Significance and Potential of China’s Pilot Free Trade Zones — a Look at the Pilot Free Trade Zones in Shanghai and Tianjin
  • The Development and Current Status of Online Business in China’s Travel Industry, with a Focus on Ctrip
  • An Analysis of the Impact of Exchange Rate Fluctuations on Trade between China and Japan
  • An Analysis of the Development of China’s Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers
  • The Current Status of and Issues Facing the Jingjinji Metropolitan Region’s Integrated Regional Logistics Partnership, with a Focus on Growth Measures at Tianjin’s Inland Port
  • Atmospheric Pollution Problems Facing China’s Jingjinji Metropolitan Region and Their Countermeasures
  • A Study on the Development of the Tavan Tolgoi Coal Deposit in Mongolia’s Ömnögovi Province and Its Impact
  • Household Waste Disposal Issues in China, with a Focus on Examples in Hebei Province
  • The Role of the Wholesale Market in the Circulation of Fruit and Vegetables in China and Related Issues, Using the Beijing Xinfadi Market as a Case Study
2014 Academic Year
  • The Rapid Development of the Chinese Shipbuilding Industry and Resulting Issues
  • The Current Status of and Issues Facing the Chinese Dairy Industry — the Melamine Scandal and the Importance of the Dairy Industry
  • Wind and Solar Power Generation in China and Industry Movement and Issues Related to This, with a Focus on Solving Overcapacity Problems and Building a Smart Grid
  • The Advancement of Urbanization in China and Its Impact on the Economy
  • The Current Status of and Issues Facing the Chinese Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Agricultural Labor Trends and Farmland Liquidity in China’s Regional Cities, with Case Studies Involving Farm Villages around Linfen in Shanxi Province
  • The Development of the Luxury Brand Market and Brand Consciousness in China, with a Focus on the Example of Louis Vuitton
  • The Development of Subterranean Resources in the Inner Mongolia Region and Issues Regarding Environmental Policy
  • An Empirical Study of the Competitiveness of Domestic Auto—Manufacturers in China
  • The Advancement of Desertification in China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and the Reality of Grazing Restrictions to Combat This — the Case Study of Alxa League
  • Changes to Pastoral Agriculture in China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region
  • Changes to China’s Information Technology Industry and Related Problems — the Development of Dairy Producers in the Advent of the Cloud Era and Changes to Dairy Farming in Inner Mongolia
  • The Current Situation Regarding Household Waste Production and Disposal in China and Issues Raised — a Study of Urban Waste Disposal
  • Digitalization and the Resulting Development and Expansion of the Video Content Industry
  • The Advancement of Mobile Technology and Changes to the Chinese Computer Industry — Computers, Tablets, and Smartphones
2013 Academic Year
  • Observations on the Wenzhou Financial Crisis — Transformation of the Wenzhou Model and Commercial Finance Reform
  • Policy Trends and Initiatives Relating to the Development of Broadband in China
  • The Commercialization of Microfinance — Poverty Reduction and Financial Independence
  • The Japanese Camera Industry and Chinese Markets
  • The Development of Pig Farm Management in China and Shift to Sustainable Pig Rearing, with a Focus on Case Studies in Suining, Sichuan Province
  • Changes and Issues Concerning the Organic Produce Certification System in China
  • Economic Development and Rural Policy in China — Considering New Rural Construction Issues in the 2000s
  • The Transformation of the Chinese Iron and Steel Industry and Issues Regarding Structural Reform
  • Policy Restricting Grazing in Alxa League in China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, and the Response by Livestock Farmers
  • The Current Status of and Issues Facing China’s Petroleum Industry
  • The Development and Potential of China’s Logistics Systems, with a Focus on the Development of Logistics Parks
  • Financial Education in Japan, the UK, and the US, and Suggestions for China
  • The Urbanization of the Area around Shanghai and Issues Arising from This — Solving Transportation Problems and the Diversification of Environmental Issues
  • The Current Status of China’s Dairy Industry and Quality and Safety Management Issues, with a Focus on the Industry’s Response since the Melamine Scandal
  • Chinese Auto Market Trends and Issues Facing Japanese Companies in Chinese Markets
  • Factor Analysis of the Shift in Industries and Regions by Japanese Companies Investing in China
  • A Study on Direct Investment by Chinese Companies into South Korea and Reasons behind Withdrawals
  • A Transition Period for the Chinese Apparel Industry and Issues Raised by This — from Dependence on Exports to a Shift toward Domestic Markets
  • A Study on the Chinese Furniture Industry
  • Food Product Recycling as Part of a Recycling Society — Considering the Role of Companies, Citizens, and Government
  • On the Medical Insurance System in Rural China, with a Focus on Rural Medical Insurance Systems in Ningyang County, Shandong Province
2012 Academic Year
  • The Current Status of and Issues Facing the Chinese Supermarket Industry — from Price Competition to Securing Superior Quality
  • Urban Redevelopment and River Maintenance in Shanghai
  • An Empirical Study of Production Upgrades Based on the Independent Innovation Strategy, with a Focus on the Chinese Digital Camera Industry
  • Water and Soil Preservation in Fujian Province and the Role of the Forestry Industry
  • A Study on Waste Disposal and Recycling in Japan
  • The Development of Agricultural Industrialization in China and Resulting Issues — Cultivating Sales Channels for Agricultural Produce
  • The Direction of Urban Development in China’s Central Regions, Using the Case Study of Shangqiu, Henan Province
  • The Current Status of and Issues Facing the Chinese Coal Industry — Energy Demand Trends and Structural Reform
  • The Development in China’s Software Industry and the Role Played by Offshore Development
  • The Current Status of China’s Housing Industry, with a Focus on the Chinese Housing Market from 2008 to 2011
  • The Development in China’s Publishing Industry and the Role Played by the Digital Publishing Industry
  • The Current Status of and Issues Facing Labor Markets in China, with a Focus on Migrant Workers
2011 Academic Year
  • The Economic Role of the Liangjiang New Area in Chongqing, China
  • The Development and Future Trends in China’s Commercial Vehicle Industry, with a Focus on the Expanding Role of Small Trucks
  • An Empirical Study of Used Car Distribution during China’s Period of Rapid Growth
  • Alternative Energy to Gasoline as Automotive Fuel
  • The Establishment of Economic Development Zones in Desert Areas of Western Inner Mongolia and Changes to Industrial Structure, with a Focus on Alxa Left Banner
  • An Economic Analysis of China’s Shipping Industry
  • “A Century of Water Wars” —the Current Status of Water Businesses in China in Comparison to Japan, and an Analysis of This
  • The Current Status of and Issues Facing the Chinese Pharmaceutical Industry — Issues Confronting Chinese Domestic Companies
  • A Comparative Study of Mongolian and Han Chinese Settlements in Inner Mongolia’s Horqin Region
  • Aquatic Resource Environments and Issues with Water for Domestic Use in Zhoushan, China
  • The Current Status of and Issues Facing the Chinese Petroleum and Petrochemical Industries, with a Focus on the Increase in Oil Imports and Domestic Business Development
  • Are the Chinese Real Estate Markets Experiencing a Bubble?
  • The Development and Current Status of the Chinese Advertising Industry, with a Focus on the Rapid Development of Media Advertising
  • The Role of Selling in the Chinese Home Appliance Industry, with a Focus on Before and After the Home Electronics Subsidy Program
  • Chinese Automobile Development and the Role of Parts Manufacturers, with a Focus on the Rise of Chinese Domestic Parts Manufacturers
  • The Current Status of and Issues Facing the Chinese Sports Industry — the Appearance of a New Industry Due to the Popularization of Sports in Society
  • The Current Situation of the Chinese Cell Phone Industry and the Role of Smartphones
  • Chinese Air Conditioning Business Trends
  • A Development Study of China’s Aviation Industry since Joining the WTO
  • Looking at the Current State and Future of the Music Industry and Content Industry through Musical Content
  • Thoughts on Portfolios for Beginners
2010 Academic Year
  • The Software Industry in Dalian
  • A Look at Culture, Economy, and Environment through Rock & Roll and Rock Festivals
  • An Empirical Analysis of the Relationship between Chinese State—Owned Companies and the Government, with a Focus on the Ownership and Management Rights of Industrial Companies
  • Development in the Chinese Travel Industry and Related Business Trends
  • The Current Status of and Outlook for the Chinese Shipbuilding Industry Following Recovery from the Worldwide Economic Recession
  • Changes to Arable Land in Beijing under Chinese Economic Reforms and the Factors behind These
  • The Current Status of the Chinese Shipping Industry, with a Focus on the Development of Container Transportation
  • The Development of Retail in China and the Role of Foreign Companies
  • An Analysis of the Factors behind Structural Shifts in the Chinese Economy
  • The Current Status of Development in the Wuhan Metropolitan Area and the Role of Dongfeng Motor Corporation
  • The Formation and Development of the Chinese Real Estate Industry and Its Current Outlook, with a Focus on Rapid Growth in the Housing Sector
  • Chinese Cosmetics Industry Trends and Foreign Companies — Industry Reorganization and New Challenges
  • A Study of the Problem of Contaminated Water for Drinking and Agriculture in China’s Henan Province
  • The Problem Posed by Urban Villages as Urbanization in China Progresses, with a Focus on Urban Villages in Kunming and Efforts to Restructure These
  • An Empirical Study of the Division of Roles and Cooperative Partnerships between Each Stakeholder in the Agricultural Trade between Japan and China Using Vegetable Exports to Japan from Shandong as a Case Study
  • An Expansive Study of Economic Development and Environmental Issues in Nepal
  • The Current Situation and Issues Facing the Chinese Iron and Steel Industry
  • Changes in the Chinese Restaurant Industry and Current Outlook, with a Focus on Rapidly Developing Fast—Food Chains
  • Changes in the Crops Grown by Livestock Farming Communities in Inner Mongolia
2009 Academic Year
  • A Study into the Mitigation of Thermal Environmental Problems in Tokyo’s Ota Ward
  • The Process of and Issues Facing State—Owned Commercial Bank Reform in China
  • A Comparison of the Amalgamation of Communications and Broadcasting in Japan and the US — Media Company M&A and Video Distribution
  • A Theoretical Consideration of the Rationality of M&A in Oligopolistic Markets
  • The Current Status of the Chinese Logistics Industry and Issues Facing Japanese Logistics Companies
  • The Status of and Outlook for the Chinese Insurance Industry in the 21st Century
  • Changes in Migrant Agricultural and Factory Labor in China and What This Means for Inland Start—Ups — the Case Study of Sichuan Province
  • Peculiarities and Issues Regarding Chinese Stock Market Structure, with a Focus on the Background behind Nontradable Share Reforms and Structural Analysis of Investors
  • The Effects of the Chinese Foreign Exchange System on Export Companies
  • A Study of the Role and Impact of Chain Stores on the Chinese Logistics Industry
2008 Academic Year
  • The Current Status and Problem Points of Electric Power Reforms in China and the State of Electric Power Policy
  • EU Environmental Policy and Emissions Trading System
  • A Comparative Study of Market Competition Patterns in the Games Industry
  • The Rapid Growth of the Chinese Dairy Industry and Quality Management Issues
  • The Development Direction of and Problems Facing the Chinese Apparel Industry — the Need to Establish Brands to Cultivate a Domestic Market
  • The Rapid Growth of the Chinese Pharmaceutical Industry and Resulting Problems
  • Reconsidering the Northeast China Revitalization Plan and Outlook for the Northeast China Economy — the Possibility of Foreign Investment as a Focal Point and Japan—China Economic Cooperation
  • Trends and Outlook in the Chinese Beer Industry
  • The Rising International Standing of the Renminbi and Changes to Chinese Monetary Policy, with a Focus on Limits to Monetary Policy under the Renminbi Managed Floating Rate System
  • An Expansive Study of Environmental Issues in Inner Mongolia
  • An Economic Analysis of the Rare Metal Markets
2007 Academic Year
  • Urban Development and Consensus Formation in Kawagoe
  • A Comparative Study of Employment Patterns in the US, China, and Japan — What Can China Learn from US Experience?
  • Changes to and Current Status of Industrial Statistic Survey Systems in China
  • An Empirical Study of Japan’s Transition to a Service Economy — Thoughts Based on Connected Input—Output Tables from 1980 to 2000
  • The Current Status of the Chinese Software Industry and the Role of Out—Sourcing Businesses, with a Focus on Outsourcing Businesses in the Dalian Software Industry
  • Truck Transportation Businesses and the Logistics Industry in China, with a Focus on the Creation of Networks in the Chinese Manufacturing Industry and New Logistics Business Developments
  • The Characteristics and Issues of China’s Aquaculture Industry, with a Focus on the Expansion of Sea—Surface Fish Farming and the Sophistication of Seafood Processing and Distribution
  • Transforming the Fuel Resource Situation through the Introduction of Bio—Ethanol — Learning from the Experiences of Europe and North America, Brazil, and Japan
  • Direct Foreign Investment and the Development of Inland China, with a Focus on Sichuan Province
  • The Development of the Machine Tool Industry in China and the Role of Numerical Control Machine Tools
  • Trends and Issues in the Shanghai Real Estate Industry
  • The Current Status and Outlook of the Tourism Industry in Sichuan Province — Diversification of Domestic and International Tourists and Changes to the Industry
  • An Analysis of the Current Status of Chinese Cosmetics Industry Development
  • The Current Status of and Issues Facing the Chinese Food Processing Industry
  • The Development of a Convenience Store Industry in China and Resulting Issues
  • Issues Concerning Used Paper Recycling in Japan
  • The Current Status of the Expansion and Reorganization of the Chinese Iron and Steel Industry and Resulting Issues
  • A Consideration of the Corporate Reorganization Tax System, with a Focus on Tax System Requirements and Losses Carried Forward
  • A Study of Urbanization in Tokyo and the Tama River Basin Environment — the Environment Surrounding River Development and the Environment and Economy of the Tama River System
2006 Academic Year
  • Foreign Currency Exchange System Reform in China — toward the Liberalization of Renminbi Capital
  • The Current Status of the Timber Processing Industry and Wood Resources in China, with a Focus on the Wooden Building Materials Industry
  • The Expansion of the Chinese Education Market and Problems Regarding Education in Private High Schools, with a Focus on Private High Schools
  • The Expansion and Reorganization of the Chinese Iron and Steel Industry and Specialty Steel Trends, Focused on a Study of Hebei Iron and Steel Company
  • A Study of the Economy, Sociology and Ecology of Inner Mongolia, with a Focus on the Transitional Economy, International Relations, and Nomadic Networks
  • A Study of Agricultural Development and Environmental Conservation in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta
  • Observations on 30 Years of Mutsu—Ogawara Considered Using Amartya Sen’s Development Theory
  • Chinese Cell Phone Market Trends and 3G Cell Phones
  • Human Resource Strategies of Japanese Companies Expanding into China and Related Issues
  • Chinese Passenger Vehicle Market Trends and the Significance of the Rising Low End Vehicle Market
  • Chinese Shipping Industry Development and Changes to Harbor—Orientated Logistics — Issues Concerning the Port of Dalian as a Regional Shipping Center
  • The Transformation of Japanese Home Delivery Services Targeting Chinese Logistics Businesses and Related Issues
  • Vending Machines and the Landscape from the Perspective of Regional Communities
2005 Academic Year
  • Consideration of the Transformation of Regional Economies in Western China
  • Chinese Auto Industry Reorganization and Changes to Parts Procurement Systems — the Significance of the Second Wave of Foreign Capital Injection and Increasing Local Procurement Ratios
  • The Expansion and Reorganization of the Chinese Home Appliances Industry and Issues Moving into the Digital Appliance Era, with a Focus on Chinese Home Appliance Manufacturer Business Strategy
  • Development and Issues in the Chinese Housing Industry, with a Focus on the Urban Housing Industry
  • The Listing of Chinese State—Owned Companies and Stock Market Reform Issues, with a Focus on Nontradable Shares
  • A Study on the Phenomenon of Labor Shortages in Dongguan, China
  • An Analysis of the Chinese Bicycle Industry, with a Focus on the Tianjin Bicycle Industry
  • The Current Status of the Chinese Power Grid System and Direction of Reform
  • A Consideration of the Future Development of ITS Businesses through Telematics
  • The Launch of the Chinese Professional Soccer Industry and Related Issues
  • The Expansion of the Chinese Tourism Industry and Issues in the Chinese Hotel Industry
  • The Problem of Atmospheric Pollution in Beijing and the Basic Direction of Countermeasures
  • The Current Status of International Trade in China, with a Focus on Analysis of Comparative Advantages
  • The Development of the Chinese Apparel Industry and Future Brand Strategy
  • Learning from the Labor and Management Relations and Human Resource Cultivation Methods of Japanese Companies — a Comparison and Consideration of Labor Management in the Manufacturing Industry
  • A Study of the Chinese Old Age Pension System Viewed in Comparison with Japan
  • The Role of Chinese Expats in the Development of the Chinese Computer Industry, with a Focus on Chinese Living in Taiwan