Campus Guide

Campus Facilities

Academic Information Center
(Free terminal area)

A relaxed study space equipped with a cutting-edge IT environment.

Academic Information Center

Includes a wide selection of titles and a unique online system that makes searches quick and easy.


A study area established around the concepts of ‘learning,’ ‘exchange,’ and ‘communication.’ Students, academics and office staff can gather here and collaborate to form new ideas, share and supplement knowledge, information, and thinking, and communicate discoveries that may lead to further new ideas.

Talk Palette

A break space incorporating an open-air café that looks out onto a central courtyard.

Career Support Center

Career support to help students find the right role in society after graduation.

Tanzan Ishibashi Memorial Auditorium

Tanzan Ishibashi was a former prime minister of Japan and the 16th president of Rissho University. This multi-purpose hall honors his achievements.